• Posted on: 22 July 2014
  • By: Greg Slattery

This collection, dubbed the Swimmin’ Time Primer features their new song “The Devil Is All Around” from upcoming album, something that gives me great hope for Swimmin’ Time. "Mothers Scorn" from their self-titled release is on this sampler, a track I'm glad to see them highlighting. "O’ Be Joyful" and "Shank Hill" from the album O' Be Joyful  plus a collaboration with J also make an appearance, but the live version of "Lay Low" and "Boys Can Never Tell" (featuring J. Roddy Walston) are what make this collection really special. Check out the video of them playing "Boys Can Never Tell" with J. Roddy, it's great.

You can download this release for free on NoiseTrade with the option to send these lovely Charleston natives a tip.


  • Posted on: 15 July 2014
  • By: Alex Strickland

We've said it before and we'll say it again: 2014 is the year of the Lazer/Wulf. Not only did this Atlanta progressive/melodic/experimental metal trio do two North American tours, one European tour, and play for Lady Gaga at SXSW this year, they also conceived their full length "The Beast of Left and Right." Retro Futurist (founded by members of Savannah, GA noise/stoner band, KYLESA) played a big hand in the aforementioned accomplishments. The guitarist and lead vocalist of Kylesa, Phillip Cope, spearheaded the recording at Columbia, SC's The Jam Room Recording Studio. And cudos to Phillip Cope because the tours, the recording, the Gaga, have all been culminating to the release of this album.

Shovel & Rope Announce More Tour Dates

  • Posted on: 13 July 2014
  • By: Sandra Moscato

Shovels and Rope announced the second leg of their fall tour along with a special note, "We've still got plenty more dates coming in the new year behind this record, so if you're still not seeing your town, don't get your bowels in an uproar, we'll be coming for you one way or the other. "

Sept 22 - Bowery Ballroom, NYC**
Sept 23 - Music Hall Of Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY**
Sept 30 - Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto ON**
Oct 4 - Turner Hall, Milwaukee WI**
Oct 9 - South Caroline State Fair, Columbia SC
Oct 10 - Georgia Theatre, Athens GA**
Oct 29 - Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa OK *
Oct 30 - Stubb's Outdoors, Austin TX (co-bill with Hayes Carll)##
Oct 31 - Fitzgeralds, Houston TX*
Nov 1 - Untapped Festival, Dallas TX
Nov 4 - Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix AZ*
Nov 5 - Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach CA*
Nov 7 - El Rey Theater, Los Angeles CA *
Nov 8 - The Fillmore, San Francisco CA*
Nov 9 - Crystal Ballroom, Portland OR*
Nov 12 - Rickshaw Theater, Vancouver BC
Nov 14 - Pink Garter Theater, Jackson WY
Nov 15 - Ogden Theatre, Denver CO *
Nov 16 - Fox Theatre, Boulder CO *
** with John Fullbright
* with Willie Watson
## with Shakey Graves

Downtown Boys Hit the Southeast

  • Posted on: 10 July 2014
  • By: Greg Slattery

Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, Downtown Boys spazz out and punch up. Self described as "bi bilingual political sax punk party," it is safe to venture that when they play fun will be in abundance. It doesn't hurt that Downtown Boys share members of punk marching band party group What Cheer? Brigade either.

Downtown Boys' February self titled 7" release (Sister Polygon Records) is proof of the fun that shall ensue. Punk devotees will love every track. Playful sax hooks embedded in ska melody are heard throughout. Basic hardcore punk beats and chord progression is familiar territory, but Downtown Boys aren't trying to fix something that isn't broken. A tried and true punk album through and through. Screeching vocals, sung in English and Spanish, conjure images of Bad Brains and those that forged the foundation of punk and hardcore. Lyrically simple and to the point. Songs like "Slumlord Sal" are joyfully aggressive, no doubt describing the tenant rights, or lack there of, under a shady landlord.

A true live atmosphere was caught on this 7". Translation from record to stage will be an easy and fun one.

7/13: Austin, TX @ The Annex at 1808
7/14: New Orleans, LA @ The Wherehouse
7/15: Pensacola, FL @ Open Books
7/16: Savannah, GA HangFire Bar
7/17: Columbia, SC @ Foxfield Bar and Grille
7/18: Knoxville, TN @ Pilot Light
7/19: Richmond, VA @ Steady Sounds

Tidings From Our Light Purple Gam

  • Posted on: 1 July 2014
  • By: Greg Slattery

We're excited to see this excellent compilation come together to support Aaron Graves of Fork and Spoon Records and his battle with a brain tumor.

A lot of great people came together to make this happen, including Toro y Moi, of Montreal, Can't Kids, Helado Negro, Bombadil and Astronauts, etc. The compilation was mastered by Jay Matheson of The Jam Room Recording Studio and Sam Spina did an excellent job on the artwork.

There is a listening party on Monday, July 14 at New Brookland Tavern leading up to it's release on July 15th. All profits from this record will go to help the Graves family through these difficult times.

In the meantime, check out this song by Astronauts, etc that will be on the upcoming compilation:

Drip: A Hub For Local Food, Art, and Music Expands

  • Posted on: 24 June 2014
  • By: Jenni Brennison

What are your top 10 albums of all time? Everyone who applies to work at Drip Coffee in Five Points (they have a Main Street location too,) will have to consider their personal list. The connection between music and coffee seems only natural for owner Sean McCrossin. So after three years in Columbia, it makes sense to see the shop expanding its business to include record sales.

“The platform for a record store or coffee shop is kind of the same culture in a way,” McCrossin explains, “You have people who are likeminded, still green in a way, not quite jaded, [but] tapped into something slightly different.”

Music lovers will find a comfortable home in the new space. Warm, hardwood interiors and walls decked with art by Steve Keene (known for his album cover work with classic indie rockers Pavement and Apples in Stereo,) invite customers to leisurely browse through a vinyl selection cherry-picked by McCrossin and staff.

“I try to consciously do that here, expose people to new music…make sure they know what they’re listening to. Some of the stuff I don’t have or haven’t heard, but a lot of it, we play,” McCrossin says, “But it’s all stuff that I’ve enjoyed or want to hear.”

From classics like Dinosaur Jr., Pixies, and Minutemen to newer favorites such as She and Him, Deerhunter, and Alabama Shakes, collectors will find much to lust over during an afternoon visit.

Clear Plastic Masks' BEING THERE

  • Posted on: 3 June 2014
  • By: Michael Spawn

Clear Plastic Masks are a good rock and roll band and damned if they don't know it. You can hear the group's confidence in Being There's every track. They know where their strengths lie and stick to them with dogged force. There are no tricks or flashy experimentation here, only pop and blues-infused rock music with a sharp ear cast toward musical history and an eye on the band's own bright future. Being There plays like the soundtrack to a black-and-white documentary on what it must feel like to be cool and young in America, astonished at one's own irrelevance in a culture that never lets us forget what perfectly inimitable snowflakes we all are. Clear Plastic Masks exude an attitude that demands we recognize the service they have done for us - and whether or not that is a valid demand remains to be seen, but it's a fine face for a promising rock band to don.

Concord America's SUNS OUT GUNS OUT

  • Posted on: 27 May 2014
  • By: Greg Slattery

SUNS OUT GUNS OUT is a distorted whirlwind of rock tunes by Atlanta trio Concord America. The band and engineer Trey Rosenkampff took their instruments and mobile recording rig to the mountains of Blairsville, GA and spent several days knocking out this seven-song album.

"Almost everything you hear instrumentally on the record is live," explained Rosenkampff. "A vast majority of the guitars on this record, especially Ben's guitar tracks, are DI. We got this really splattery, percussive tone through some pedals straight into the board, so he decided he wanted most of (his) tracks in that vein."

The guitars are distinctive and unquestionably raw. Mix that with overdriven cymbals, a clipping snare and saturated vocals and you have a record that is just too damn loud for some, and thoroughly rocked out by others. When I asked Rosenkampff how he attacked the mixing, he said "my only goal in mixing this record was to make it as loud and as aggressive as possible. I wanted to make this record sound like it was always playing through a speaker that was on the edge of fucking exploding."

The aggression doesn't stop there. Rosenkampff stars alongside the band in a hilarious and brutal music video for their single "So Gay." It features heavy use of a hotdog suit.


  • Posted on: 24 May 2014
  • By: Jenni Brennison

The phantasmagoria of the American South can be as palpable as mid-summer humidity. Our fear and respect for that which goes bump in the night reveals itself in superstition passed down through generations and includes a musical heritage rich with the influence of haints, restless souls, and woodland specters.

Alabama Bound, the newest album from Tuscaloosa’s Them Natives, is a modern lo-fi séance blending nightmarish adrenalin with a calming, psychedelic rejection of the primordial fight or flight instinct. Its opening track suggests a lost traveler’s anxiety. As he pushes beyond the last vestige of civilization, “Manifest Destiny” quickly unfurls the entire album’s twisted gospel.