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  • Asheville’s Dead Mothers have really done it this time. Life Is Poison has been released on the world via Bitter Melody Records and has no plans to let anyone escape it’s deliriously aggressive grasp.

    Dead Mothers recorded at Legitimate Business in Greensboro, NC, a studio haven for such bands as Torch Runner, Darkentries, theyeattheirowngod and many more. It is here that Dead Mothers crafted a very unique and very pissed off EP.

    Comprised of five tracks clocking in at just over ten minutes, dissonant riffs swarm and give way to imaginative phrasing. Crushing drums that never cease. Vocals that detriment and assault. The constant pulse of low end bass tones. There is no better example of these congruences than in the fourth track, Dead Mothers. Simply put, this song is the audial embodiment of discomfort. Lyrically, lead singer Olive Ardizoni screams about the clock running out and the insignificance of a time ravaged soul.

    The last track, “Poison”, is eerily striking. A discombobulated riff swings through silence, seemingly misplaced, until the whole band joins in the siege. A steady riff emerges and drudges through the wake of its’ skin crawling predecessor.

    Dead Mothers have been playing shows through the Southeast sporadically, but be assured, their live performance is just as striking as their EP. Catch them in Marshall, NC Saturday July 11 for the Blood-Rust Label Premier at Good Stuff.