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  • ColorBlind comes as no surprise to those who have known FatRat Da Czar or Justin Smith off the stage. We’ve seen them collaborate on several occasions over the years, but none reached the level of attention this new ColorBlind project holds. Smith’s been a strong songwriter since his entrance, finding poetic ways to explore the beachy-folk style he is often associated with. FatRat Da Czar is no different; a highly-regarded emcee, producer and engineer with a rare dedication to the craft. The blend - a near 50-50 split in verses and style - is both funky and catchy, hitting it’s stride on tracks like “I Got It” and “Under Covers.” Singles “Live Like The Devil” and “Follow The Spin” take a more serious turn, confronting issues of faith and mortality.

    It’s easy to think this album is significant due to the releases proximity to the racial and equality issues currently dominating social media and news outlets, but the timing was coincidental. Sure, there are plenty of nods to the battles each artist faces, but the album is more properly understood when you strip away the need to tie to a flag. This project is two friends having fun breaking the confines of their current catalog of tunes. Two people being people, the true beauty behind ColorBlind.

    You can download the album on iTunes here.

    You can catch ColorBlind live at the Legends’ Hopscotch Day Party on September 11th around 4pm.